MCS DR-Quick-Reg


In addition to plan and design small and large virtualization environments, the mightycare solutions GmbH (MCS) also develop helpful tools. For customers which decide not to use the VMware Site Recovery Manager the new MCS-DR-Quick-Reg tool is the fastest and simplest way to register virtual machines from replicated LUN´s. The tool is easy to handle both as experienced administrator and normal users.


The MCS-DR-Quick-Reg connects to a Virtual Center Server 2.5 or vCenter server. After registration on the Infrastructure Server the registered virtual Machines can be displayed. Now you can search on individual datastores for unregistered virtual Machines. When using the tool a new registry key under HKEY_CURRENT_USER-> Software-> MightyCare-> vTools will be created. In this key you can find the connection parameters.


There is no need to install the MCS-DR-Quick-Reg tool. You only have to extract the archive and start by calling the MCS-DR-Quick-Reg.exe. For environments with limited rights this is the easiest way. You can also start it from an usb-stick or a cd-rom.

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