MCS ESX-Patcher

It´s free for use, but use at your own risk!

This is a Windows Gui to install VMware ESX-Server 3.x patches
Attention: Only ESX Server 3.0.0, 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 are supportet. Version 3.0.3 may work .

See at the Button of the Text the workaround for new released Patches  from VMware.

VMware has changed the Date Format in the Description.xml File of each patch. If ESX-Patcher is not running you must change the File.


» central repository for patches with its own webserver
» read Patchbuild from ESX-Server
» automatically display the missing patches
» automatically patch all absents patches (sort by releasedate
or by name)
» nice gui 😉
» free to use
» After installation unpack the VMware ESX patches within
the  “application directory “patchesversion

example: c:program filesesxpatcherpatches3.0.1ESX-1006511

Achtung nur für VMware ESX Servern 3.00, 3.0.1

und 3.0.2

VMware ESX Server 3.5 lassen sich hierüber nicht patchen

Attention: You can only Patch VMware ESX Servern 3.00, 3.0.1 und 3.0.2

The ESX-Patcher can not patch VMware ESX-Server 3.5 and above!


VMware has change the Decription.xml File in the Patches
When ESX-Patcher do not start after unpack new Patches check the new patches.

Change the Date Format:

2008-06-26T21:30:25-07:00 with Thu Jun 26 21:30:25 PST 2008
After that the ESX-Patcher running again….
known Issues for this beta version Gui freezes without repaint (don`t worry , the application is still running) when you patch, so after the patch is installed the gui comes back  don´t panic 😉

License:  Other/Proprietary